K-LOVE Artist Devos

K-LOVE Artist Devos

K-LOVE Artist Devos
  • Zephaniah 3:17

    Can you imagine the Lord rejoicing over you? Ellie enthusiastically proclaims this astounding truth, encouraging you to savor His acceptance and rest in His favor. Fully embrace the flabbergasting reality that He will “exult over you with singing.”

  • John 8:32

    Have you ever felt captive or oppressed by life’s challenges? Using John 8:32 as her foundational text, Ellie Holcomb marvels at how the freedom found in Christ can allow you to live a more victorious life.

  • Matthew 6:27

    Imagine a life free of worry. Certainly, it’s a real challenge but one that we are called to as Ellie reflects on the words of Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount. Instead of wasting our time and energy on worry, she invites you to break free to live in a way radically different than our culture.

  • John 7:38

    How do you deal with the canyons of deepest hurt and sorrow that cut through your life? Ellie Holcomb encourages a fearless honesty as you reflect on those areas of pain and fully embrace God’s promise that He will make rivers of living water flow. Hope and refreshment await as you meditate on th...

  • Ellie Holcomb Fighting Words Devotional

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    Use Scripture to combat lies that assail you. That’s the message Dove Award-winning artist and author Ellie Holcomb powerfully drives home through teaching and song. A strong advocate for memorizing Bible verses that speak into your life, she and a gathering of guests seek to be vulnerable in con...