Buck Denver Radio Show

Buck Denver Radio Show

31 Episodes

It’s time for a little silly with The Buck Denver Radio Show. Written and produced by VeggieTales and What's in the Bible? creator Phil Vischer. Your kids can watch radio history as Buck and his puppet pals create their own show, while they follow Jesus!

Buck Denver Radio Show
  • Good and Bad

    Episode 31

    Michael has a plan that includes wagons, pudding cakes, and bad people. Buck stops to ask if would the world be a better place if all the bad people were somewhere else? Sunday School Lady teaches us that there aren't good and bad people. Good and bad is inside all of us.

  • Daily Bread

    Episode 30

    What would happen if Agnus and Winifred ask God for one million waffles and a swimming pool of whipped cream? Sunday School Lady teaches about trusting God for our Daily Bread.

  • Blessed

    In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus says a whole bunch of people are 'blessed.' What does that mean?

  • Loving Ourselves

    When Dr. Schniff invents an app to help people look and feel better about themselves, Buck learns the key to loving ourselves is knowing how much God loves us!

  • The Kingdom of Heaven

    Clive & Ian search for the kingdom of heaven in outer space, before learning that God's kingdom is anywhere God's will is done

  • Talking to God

    When a monkey sits on Michael's toy car and breaks it, he wonders if God only wants to hear from us when we're happy.

  • Taking Over

    Marcy has a problem at school, and wonders if taking over a project to get her way is the solution. But is getting our own way God's solution?

  • Justice

    A calamity in math class has Michael wondering why things go wrong, and why he so badly wants them to be put 'right.’

  • Ignoring People

    Chuck Waggin loves God, but thinks people can be annoying. Why can't we just focus on God and ignore the people around us?

  • Keeping Peace

    Oh no! Capitan Pete borrowed Chuck Waggin's sheep! Can Chuck get his sheep back and still keep the peace?  

  • Punished vs. Persecuted

    Tossing meatballs and dumping crayons! Buck talks to his friends about the difference between being punished and persecuted.

  • Fame

    Marcy wants to be a really big deal and she’s working hard on it! Buck asks the question ... "What does Jesus want us to be?”

  • Lights

    Do we need big shiny lights on us to be a light to others? Sunday School Lady teaches us how to be lights in a dark world. 

  • The Most Important

  • Kindness

    What do I do Buck?! It’s hard to live right in a world full of Arnolds!” Buck discovers how to be kind, patient and joyful even when it’s hard. 

  • Peace

    Buck Denver’s friends are on different sides of a big debate. Can Sunday School Lady help bring the peace with the answer?

  • Pharisees

    Michael has a question… what is a Pharisees? Can we be more righteous than the very rightest rule followers? 

  • Anger

    Michael is really angry- he just doesn't know what to be angry about! Buck gets angry when he believes Captain Pete stole his dessert. Can Sunday School Lady set him straight?

  • Outrage

    Outrage is all the rage; everyone seems to be in on it. Michael asks Buck the big question, "What should I be outraged about?".

  • Contempt

    Has Captain Pete solved his anger issues by just ignoring them? Buck asks the question, “Is it ok just to ignore people who make us angry?”

  • Go Away

    Dr. Schniffenhousen has a brand-new invention… the Go-Away Glasses. Will they solve Michael's anger issues?

  • Rules

    Rules, rules, and more rules! Does God just want us to be a bunch of rule followers? Sunday School lady helps us understand that Jesus wants us to take sin seriously.

  • People

    People can be terribly annoying and very hard to love! How do we love all people? Sunday School lady gives Buck the steps to loving when it's hard to.