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  • Around the Table with Randi Tyler

    1 season

    K-LOVE's very own Randi Tyler has a brand-new show! This isn’t your typical cooking show, Around The Table is an unscripted reality series that follows Randi as she travels to artists’ hometowns, visiting the people and places that have shaped the lives of your favorite K-LOVE artists.

  • Boundless with Tasha Layton

    4 items

    Artist and author Tasha Layton invites you on a journey toward spiritual and emotional healing from past hurts aided by biblical teaching, counseling practices and prayer.

  • Brandon's Backyard

    1 season

    Discover the untold stories behind the songs you love and the ones you haven't heard yet from the last place you'd ever expect to watch a concert...in Brandon's Backyard.

  • Moto Mission with Brock Gill

    1 season

    Hit the highway with edgy illusionist and evangelist Brock Gill as he seeks out unsung heroes who put their faith to work in innovative ways. In each episode, he’s joined by a well-known musician who shares a love for open roads and open hearts.

  • The Carrie Murphy Show

    1 season

    Let's laugh! K-LOVE On Demand Presents The Carrie Murphy Show. From sketch comedy to music, Carrie’s comedy special will have you in stitches as she takes on everything from Christian hot topics, to characters of the Bible, and more.

  • Words at the Well with Andrew Ripp

    1 season

    Alongside legacy writers, this show will give a stage to up-and-coming musicians, sharing their gifts for the first time with the K-LOVE audience. Everyone takes turns sharing stories and performances with one central theme, the true and timeless gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s Words At The Well, ...

  • The Barn Series: K.C. Edition

    Join Grammy award-winning artist Mac Powell, with Ryan Stevenson, Cochren& Co., and Tasha Layton as they share the intimate stories behind the songs from the beautiful Weston Red Barn Farm outside Kansas City.

  • K-LOVE On Demand Trailer