Scott Hamilton's Good People

Scott Hamilton's Good People

3 Episodes

Olympic gold medalist and network sports commentator Scott Hamilton wants to restore your faith in humanity by introducing you to “good people,” ordinary individuals extraordinarily committed to simple acts of faith and kindness. Tune in and prepare to be inspired.

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Scott Hamilton's Good People
  • Scott Hamilton with Terry Key and Edgehill Bike Club

    Episode 1

    Scott Hamilton shares with us the story of an extraordinary unsung hero, Terry Key, a man on a mission to use refurbished bicycles to broaden the horizons of children in an inner-city neighborhood.

  • Scott Hamilton with Zion Redington and Bulow Orthotic and Prosthetics

    Episode 2

    Scott shares the inspiring story of Zion Redington's journey to bring the light. Nothing stops this young quadriplegic athlete who teamed with innovative prosthetist Matt Bulow to make the impossible possible.

  • Scott Hamilton with TouchStone Youth and Metro World Child

    Episode 3

    High school students collaborate to create personal hygiene packs designed to combat school absenteeism and an abandoned child grows up to direct the world’s largest Sunday school.